Terms & Conditions

Our Obsessive Dictator has imposed his rule on the way we control your life once you have stepped in here.

Read further to be fully warned!

Terms and Conditions

If you have come here of your own will then you can't sue us for what happens here. You have to respect the rule of the land while being here - if not, our punishments are medieval and pretty harsh on the eyes of the beholder. You've been warned!


The Lord of Slang Labs has imposed a healthy diet for all of us and even websites here are forbidden from baking, storing or eating cookies with you. If you don't like our "no cookies" policy then you are not fit to be on this virtual real estate. Please leave immediately - or hang on, if you want, anyway we don't care if you are here.

Privacy Policy

We don't really know what privacy means. We are all sitting together working in an open office with the colleague's tea and coffee spilling over on each other's desks. So, if you see some letterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs repeated some times, it's because of coffee spilling on the laptop keyboard - and not because we don't know spellings.

Some questions that we ponder over often while cleaning coffee spills be like:

  1. If you are private would you be browsing online?
  2. Would you use Gmail if you value your privacy?
  3. Is the dark web really bigger and darker than web?
  4. If I can download my data, can someone else do it too?

Cookies and tracking

Our Lord of the Slang Labs has passed a law that none of us at Slang Labs can bake, break, store or eat cookies - whether it is our own or yours. It's forbidden under the punishment of eating all the cookies that you ever store - if you store!

We constantly track your movement through our website to ensure you don't stray into the dark alleys of our product and documentation pages. If we ever find people reading the online product documentation or doing a self sign-up on our website we persecute them immediately until your company pays us ransom to let you go back to the simpler days of not having a voice assistant for your apps.

We have laid well designed, cute looking buttons throughout the website to lure you into stepping on our mine field of customer interest forms. Click it and you're it!

If your company forsakes you, then your family must pay for stopping the stalking.

User Policy

Our users are immediately denied of all rights to NOT use our product the moment they say "2 kg pyaaz" or "show me trains to vizag". We hear you once, and you have to stay here to explain what you really meant by saying all those things to us. We take our speech recognition capabilities very seriously and anything you say may be held against you or with you in a court of law judged by our dictator.

User responsibilities

Yes. You got here. Now it is your responsibility to be here and follow the rules here.

  • You may not make any spelling mistakes while speaking with the product
  • You will speak bad English to improve the richness of our NLP models
  • You shall not use more than two languages in the same sentence
  • You cannot take back what you have already said once to us
  • You do not test your bad words vocubulary on our ASR.