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The simplest way to add a GenAI powered, Multilingual, Voice First Copilot to your Mobile and Web App.
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How CONVA Omni saves the day for Carl

What is CONVA Omni?

CONVA Omni is a copilot for customers of mobile and web apps, helping them in their pre and post sale journeys. Once businesses integrate Omni with their apps, it can help customers by answering all their questions related to the app, the business and the overall domain of the business.

Omni can also contextually navigate customers to relevant pages and initiate appropriate actions within the app. With a very easy, low-code configuration, Omni seamlessly brings the power of Generative AI right inside apps to elevate the customer experience to a whole new level.

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What is a Copilot?

Copilots are AI powered conversational Assistants that adds more capabilities to the underlying app, enabling users to do things that were earlier quite hard to do

What are the capabilities of CONVA Omni?

Omni currently can help your consumers with the following capabilities

1. Ask any product or domain related question
Customers can ask any question related to the domain and watch Omni quickly speak out the answer in a crisp and human-like fashion. And where it makes sense, Omni will convert them to searches that can be triggered inside the app.

2. Ask about the current product or screen content
Ask questions related to products or content the user is looking at currently on screen and Omni will again give a quick and precise answer. If the information is not available, it will politely say its not able to find it.

3. Answer any general FAQ questions
Ask any question related to the business that is usually covered in various FAQ and policy documents of the app.  

4. Ask in your own language
And they can do that in their own language, even if the app is in English.

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Is CONVA Omni multilingual?

Yes. You can talk to Omni in your own language. Currently it supports Hindi and English. Over time we will be adding more languages.

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How will CONVA Omni help your customers

1. Customers are looking for answers.
50% of all searches on the web today are questions. But most searches inside the app are usually limited to product lookups. Because the app cannot answer generic questions about the app and its associated domain easily, users goto Google (or chatGPT) to find their answers. Apps lose on the traffic and the engagement value that this brings in and the ability to monetize these questions by leading them to relevant product searches inside the app itself.

2. Apps have created lots of content but most struggle to create good engagement with it.
Many apps have created a lot of content to increase engagement with the app. They want to make those apps the destination for information about the domain they operate in. Most of the time, customers are not interested in reading the full article but rather just want to find answers quickly and in byte sized formats that are easy to process.

3. Information needs to be at their fingertips or they will context switch out easily
Everyone is in a hurry. If they can't find the answer to their questions right when they want it and crisply, users will context switch out and goto other sources where they will find the answer or move onto something else.

Experience CONVA Omni now

Experience CONVA Omni Now

You can use the CONVA Omni Sandbox from here to experience Omni in your own app by using the companion Glimpse App. Soon when we launch the Omni SDK, you will be able to integrate it natively in your app and release it to your customers to experience it too. Please checkout the Omni Sandbox and do sign up to our beta list.

Experience CONVA Omni now
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How much does it cost?

CONVA Omni is in beta currently and free to try out via the sandbox. We will update about the pricing shortly.

Experience CONVA Omni now
Join our waitlist to integrate this natively to your app

Who are you? 

CONVA is the Multilingual Voice Assistant platform from Slang Labs, the Google backed company from Bangalore, which has been in the business of making apps faster, easier and more accessible by augmenting the power of Voice experiences on top of them for varying use-cases that matter for both consumers and businesses. CONVA Omni is the GenAI product offering from the CONVA platform. 

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Did Google invest in your company?

Yes. We are the first and only Indian company to be backed by Google Inc as part of their Google Assistant Fund. 

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